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HF540 air filter by Pipercross 230x150x89mm

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1. Airfilter cleaner optional
Pipercross Luftfilter Reiniger Set für geölte Autofilter
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  • HGHF540-89-O
The HF540 air filter by Pipercross for your HF-Series intake system. Now also... more


The HF540 air filter by Pipercross for your HF-Series intake system. Now also individually to acquire! Take the opportunity to get the filter for your intake directly here in the online shop.

This article is an oiled filter.

- Connection 89mm
- Filter length 200mm
- Diameter below 150mm to 100mm conical tapering
- Total length 230mm

When does the filter have to be cleaned?
The leaning intervals are recommended to ensure maximum air flow rates.
-> Oiled filter after approx. 15,000km / year, at the latest after the pollen season (end of May)

Where can I get a cleaning kit?
You can order the appropriate cleaning sets as a selection or you can get them individually here:
For oiled filters: CLICK HERE

Note: Filters that have been delivered after 07/2017 already have the new design.

HF-Series is the first point of contact when it comes to fresh air supply in vehicles. With this brand, HG-Motorsport has combined professional research and production of high quality intake systems, intercoolers and air guidance systems. In addition to 3D scanning of the vehicle periphery for perfect fitting accuracy, this also includes long series of tests to combine the optimum components for each individual model. The result is racing products.